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About Ultimate Tree Care

At Ultimate tree care, we offer all aspects of Tree Surgery from tree felling down to hedge cutting. We offer highly skilled Tree surgery for both domestic and commercial customers.

With over 10 years experience doing tree surgery we can provide for all your tree surgery needs. We are a team of highly professional, fully qualified tree surgeon's who have been trained to the highest standards to give the best possible service. 
We are fully insured up to £10m Public Liability and £5 million Employers Liability.

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees

Our Services

We’re proud to provide our customers with a top quality service. 
We are a team of highly skilled tree surgeons more than capable of carrying out any tree work you require.

Tree Dismantling
& Tree Felling

Tree felling and tree dismantling is a service in which we completely and safely remove a whole tree. We use all the most up to date rigging equipment insuring that the tree is removed safely and causing as little damage to the surrounding area as possible In addition.


Crown Reduction
Tree Service

A Crown Reduction involves reducing the overall crown/canopy of the tree by a given amount in metres. We would do this by reducing the crown area from the tips of the branches to suitable growth points. This process is determined by the species, location and structural integrity of the tree.

The benefits of crown reduction are many:

  • Preserving the natural shape

  • Increases light

  • Reduces debris

  • Keeps tree healthy


Crown Raising
Tree Service

Crown raising involves the removal of any lower branches that may be causing an obstruction. We do this by either removing whole branches or those parts that extend below the desired heights to provide clearance under the tree.

Examples of crown raising situations:

  • Making space in your garden

  • Enabling clear sight along roads & streets

  • Clearing paths

  • Protecting buildings



Crown Thinning involves the removal of secondary and small branches throughout the crown to a maximum of 25%. This will increase light levels and reduce wind resistance to leave the tree with an overall balanced branch structure whilst retaining its original size and shape.

Advantages to Crown Thinning

  • More light is allowed to pass through the tree

  • The ability of the tree to stand against adverse weather conditions is increased.

  • Crown can be selectively thinned for aesthetic reasons.


Deadwood Management Tree Service

Deadwood Management involves the removal of dead, broken, split branches and old stubs when considered a health and safety risk.

Advantages to Deadwooding

  • Safety 

  • Remove unwanted weight

  • Aesthetic reasons


Pollarding Tree Service

Pollarding is a tree maintenance technique that can be used to control tree size that involves the removal of all limbs back to the main trunk. The tree is then allowed to re-grow after the initial cutting. Pollarding then requires regular re-pruning every 2 to 5 years.


Hedge Cutting Tree service

Hedges will always require maintenance at some level. This prevents them from becoming inconvenient or even unsightly. We offer all aspects of hedge maintenance from just a trim to reducing in size.

The Benefits of Hedge Cutting:

  • Keeps hedges looking neat and smart.

  • Gives you privacy.

  • Keeps hedges in line with boundaries.

  • Keeps hedges in good health and helps to extend their lifespan.

  • Reshaped good hedges to suit their environment.

Tree Stump

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Areas We Cover

We are Tree Surgeons in Sittingbourne, Kent.


We also cover Tree surgery in the following locations:

Areas covered: Sittingbourne, Faversham, Canterbury, Folkestone, Ashford, Dover, Chatham, Rochester, Strood, Maidstone, sheerness, Whitstable, west Malling, Gillingham, Hythe. 

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